Hey fellow THC fans! Let’s dive into my experience with Melo’s THC Beverages. Get ready for some flavor-packed fun!

Melo Grapefruit


First up, Melo’s Grapefruit THC Beverage. As soon as I popped the top, I was hit with that refreshing grapefruit scent – it’s like a burst of sunshine in a bottle! The taste? Tangy, zesty, and downright delicious. It felt like a tropical vacation in every sip. Plus, the dosage was just right – enough to take the edge off without knocking me out.

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Melo Wild Berries


Now, onto Melo’s Wild Berries THC Beverage. Brace yourselves, because this one is a wild ride for your taste buds! It’s like they bottled up all the berries in the forest and poured them into one drink. Each sip was a symphony of sweetness, with hints of strawberries, raspberries, and more. And like the grapefruit, the dosage was perfect – not too strong, not too weak.

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But hey, let’s keep it real. While both drinks were amazing, I did notice a slightly artificial aftertaste with the Wild Berries flavor. It wasn’t a deal-breaker for me, but worth mentioning for those with sensitive taste buds.

Overall, Melo’s THC Beverages get a big thumbs up from me. They nailed the flavors, dosages, and packaging, making every sip feel like a mini vacation. Whether you’re chilling at home or partying with pals, these drinks are sure to elevate your vibe.